Loan servicing, payments, escrow account

My mortgage was with Green Tree who subsequently merged with Ditech. My payments are due XXXX of the month. In the past i have made the payments by the XXXX of the month and accepted the late payment charges. While with Green Tree this was seemingly never a problem, it is apparently a huge problem with Ditech. Inspite of me making arrangements and notifying them when my payment will be made I get no less than XXXX calls per day between my home and cell phone. The last call I received stated that my representative XXXX, who was ( is nasty on the phone ) would need to make a decision as to what she was going to do with my account come Wednesday XXXX XXXX. Really???? My account is not even 30 days late and I do not take kindly to underlying treats being made to me!! This is harassment and needs to stop, I had already advised them when the payments would be made, why are they continuing to even contact me let alone threatening me?

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