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I have had numerous issues with Select Portfolio Servicing for years. They constantly take my overages that I send in with my payment and apply it elsewhere except the ” Unapplied funds account ” which is where I want it to go. 2x a year I have to call them constantly and correct them. Sometimes they do it and most time they put it to other charges and fees WITH ABSOLUTELY NO DISCLOSURE TO ME AT ALL. I call them, they say they will take care of it by a said date. The date comes, and nothing is done. I ask for a supervisor and NO SUPERVISIOR IS AVAILABLE AT ALL EVER. They always want to call me back within 48 hrs. Sometimes they do and sometimes they do not, when they do not I have to start the process all over again with another supposed 48 hours. I recently talked to a XXXX ( supervisor ) on XXXX/XXXX/XXXX and she assured me it would be taken care of and she would call me back to confirm. Now it is XXXX/XXXX/XXXX and still nothing, I have received a few mtg statements since and nothing has been adjusted. This is my funds to be distributed and they distribute how they want with ABSOLUTELY NO DISCLOSURE OF FUNDS AT ALL!!! This is a clear violation of consumer mortgage laws. When I do talk to them, some say ” We have a hiearchy to which we put your funds … ..? ” and some say they attend to my requests and they hang up the phone and never pursue my requests to where I have to constantly call them again and again. I have had other issues with this company a few years back asking them to confirm my previous mortgage servicing sales because I was concerned that the 2 prior servicers where sued for fraudulent mortgage practices by the US Government. Same thing back then …. no response and no answers …. and I send them registered letters back then. … … It is ridiculous. When it is the XXXX or XXXX of the month they are calling me for my payment …. which I am completely current on with no late payments, but when I call them with concerns … it goes directly to the trash. Sometimes they call me back and sometimes they do not and I have to start the whole process over again and again. They also keep me in this collection status because I modified with a previous servicer. They constanty treat me like I am 150 days down in my mortgage when I am completely current every … … single … .. month. I am not in collection status but they constantly refer to me as a ” problem ” which is very discriminatory. Just because I am XXXX does not mean that they should treat me differently.

Please help with this ridiculous racist, no disclosure company.

Sincerely XXXX XXXX

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