Loan servicing, payments, escrow account

We worked with a GREAT mortgage person to secure a mortgage loan in XXXX with PUF. We have been ON XXXX & XXXX & on our monthly payment for 11 months and are still current as I write this complaint/statement. For some reason since about XXXX of XXXX, we have been getting ” collection calls ” EVERY month. XXXX is going in with this company? Did they get a new head of the AR department, that sees it fit to ” harass ” their customers? They answer the phone with the standard statement ” this is an attempt to collect a debt, any info will be used for that purpose ”. What a GREAT customer service approach!!! Again I have had a half dozen mortgage loans & NEVER have been late & NEVER had this kind of service or better description, HARASSMENT! I have to go to my account EVERY month & make sure that all my deposits were made, as ell as my online bills posted. I have had my account compromised more than one time by the online thieves. So needless to say this cause unnecessary STRESS, when I get a ” collection ” call, for a mortgage that is & always has been CURRENT! I asked the CS gal if they would call me for the next 30 years, EVERY month, if not paid on the XXXX, ( which they give you until the XXXX each month to pay ) she said yes probably, but I could set up auto-pay to avoid their calls. I had to remove my husbands phone number from the database as they were calling him at WORK! Talk about unneeded added STRESS! I have had been hung up on in previous months, because the rep who answered the phone when I returned the call did not have XXXX as his first language & he could not understand me. On another occasion, the ” collection person ” who left me a message did not hang up her phone after leaving the message, so I got a 45 minute voice mail. This is the worst CS I have ever received, only second to XXXX XXXX XXXX who is rumored to be going out of business here. What upsets me even MORE is the fact these companies who loan us money or offer services OWN us through the credit bureaus. They can report anything they want ( as they PAY, and are the credit bureaus CUSTOMER ) and there is NO real verification process. Then our credit worthiness is determined by a FLAWED system/number AND the XXXX NEVER match. Because the harassment policy of XXXX, I will NOT be recommending them to anyone! If they do NOT CHANGE this harassment ” collections ” policy to STOP stressing good customers, I will be reporting them further & I WILL change my phone number with them.

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