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Finally received another long delayed response from my JP Morgan Chase re mortgage fraud. It is truly amazing that they have managed to flout all issues and of course they are the best at stonewalling – always researching and coming up with the same regurgitated answer. JPMorgan Chase was among the many financial institutions that caused the financial meltdown – and the only people that paid the price was the hapless consumer.
They have not provided me with an answer that truly matters : in a 2 year period I was assigned over 24 representatives and not once during that time were they able to receive in its entirety all requested refinancing papers. Did not matter how I sent, fax, fedex, from JPMorgan bank..status was always the same – missing documents. TWO YEARS! To make it worse, the mortgage was a verbal one ( yes Chase agreed in writing that it was verbal ) accepted the first payment and the second could/would/never be accepted. WHY? JP Morgan Chase representatives were given incentives for foreclosure on each home they could bring into the JP Morgan fold, so of course they would always have a few pages missing. ALL 24 REPRESENTATIVES ASSURED ME THAT MY FILE IN THE COMPANY WAS EMPTY..NO VERBAL, NO NOTHING. NOT A SHRED OF PAPER. Yet today their lawyers can now manufacture pages of response to justify their dishonest alliance with this financial institution. Even when I received a letter from their lawyer advising me that my home was in foreclosure, no one at the bank knew. TWO YEARS I SUFFERED UNDER THIS HARASSMENT, and at no time did I ever think of giving up. I wanted to pay my mortgage, JP Morgan Chase would not accept. No contract in place, limited documentation, all based on verbal. I was and still is the victim of this fraud..Never did I give up then and I will not give up now. JPMorgan kept my mortgage and all subsequent penalties in two separate accounts and only accidentally found out the massive amount I am now being penalized. They are now using their ‘steam rolling ‘ lawyers to justify their fraudulent behavior. Yes, I did finally get it all straightened out thanks to an accidental meeting and the generosity of a member of their staff. Had to sit and go through page by page to make sure the person on the receiving end could finally agree that all copies are in good order. AFTER TWO YEARS and this happened by sheer luck. Now I need for JPMorgan Chase to close this unholy chapter of trying to rip me off. And when you have ripped someone off to the tune of {$300000.00} believe me your offer of {$15000.00} is a bad joke at best. Dishonest XXXX. Do understand I will not give up, I will not become another victim of this fraudulent empire, and I will do my very best to make sure you are brought to justice and judged by a jury of our peers. You claimed and charged me for 17 ( YES SEVENTEEN ) inspectors to my home. Never saw one. Of course you had to admit in writing that was a mistake. A MISTAKE! a verbal mortgage, compensating staff to foreclose on homes and now it is a simple MISTAKE. Oh, lots of things I say did not happen. My friend who was white and we constantly compared notes, did not have to fill out papers – her mortgage papers was taken care of by the bank. You are now trying to tell me that you do not have double standards. Mine of course could never reach the intended recipient in tact!! And you did not think something was wrong. How come you can now find back-up information to justify your regurgitated response, but during the TWO YEARS, you had nothing. Makes you think of XXXX and how he generated documents to fool the feds. Yes, I understand that you all have to stick to the script and you are somehow ‘forced ‘ to respond to me through this medium, but you know you can stonewall and ” research ” for years to come as you all THINK you are above the law.

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