Loan servicing, payments, escrow account

This is in reference to CFPB case Number : XXXX ; We sent a QWR to Rushmore Loan company. The QWR response from Rushmore was within the time confinements, but was a INCOMPLETE response. This QWR was a request for information from Rushmore LLC, since WE HAVE NOT RECEIVED ANY CORRESPONDENCE FROM THEM FOR 1 YEAR after being transferred to their service!!! NO NOTIFICATION FROM THIS ” SERVICER ” FOR A YEAR?? WHO COULD AND SHOULD HAVE CONFIDENCE IN THIS COMPANY?? As per the QWR documents Rushmore sent earlier this month — — still not included with their response were ANY copies of ANY documents that are/were required throughout the year. It was as if they just ” discovered ” us, when I sent the information and documentation request by QWR!! Insufficient documentation : 1. Limited documentation of the date and service transfers from previous servers. 2. NO documentation of the ” forced placed insurance ” policy, i.e., policy copy, dates of coverage, amount charged to our account. 3. Indications that Rushmore did not have ” add-ons ” to our loan ” during the time Rushmore has been servicing our loan ” … what about the previous servers? 4. NO documents to establish the CHAIN between the original lender and the current owner of the Note and Mortgage. 5. Payment History — THE QWR Account History was the FIRST documentation to us from Rushmore in an ENTIRE YEAR! Payment histories were enclosed for previous XXXX ( XXXX ) and scattered documents ( no payment history ) from XXXX, other previous servicers were not included. Again this does NOT SHOW THE CHAIN between the ORIGINATING lender and teh current owner of our Note and Mortgage. 6. Annual Escow Analysis Statement was not sent by Rushmore, but a copy of XXXX ‘s Annual Escow Analysis completed LAST YEAR. None from Rushmore. Questions not responded to : 1.What is electronic XXXX number assigned to this account. 2. Proof of true sale of the note from Lender to investors. 3. XXXX XXXX Report in order to see the audit trail of the alleged transfer in ownership and transfer in security interest. 3..A complete AUDIT HISTORY from loan origination ( XXXX/XXXX/2002 ) showing dates payments were applied and to what internal accounts ( principal, interest, suspense, escrow, etc ). 4. A complete and itemized escrow for this account, from the date of the original note ( XXXX/XXXX/2002 ) to the date of the QWR. 5. A complete and itemized statement from the date of origination of the loan to the date of the QWR, showing ALL forced-placed insurance, the name of the insurance co. and the relation of the INSURANCE company to the servicer at the time or a related company, and the amount of commissions the servicers of my loan have received. 7. What does this acronym stand for ” XXXX ” Investors? Are they associated with ANY pervious owners of my note ( e.g., XXXX ; XXXX ), as being owned by these banks? Does XXXX have connections or business assocations with any previous servicers? 8. NO copies of loan modification attached, when XXXX and Rushmore were BOTH sent final loan modification papers right about the time that WE WERE TRANSFERRED TO RUSHMORE!!! Rushmore ‘s lack of communication and documentation is atrocious!

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