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This Chase Mortgage loan has been a nightmare. But over the last 8 years I have fought with them over unfair practices. I had finally got them to see that what they had done to me was wrong! I originally had a mortgage with them for $ XXXX and then ran into an issue where I needed help when the mortgage market crashed. They agreed to help so their idea of help was to add $ XXXX to my loan ( $ XXXX if you count my down payment! ) and put me into an interest only loan for 6 years. Then when I called them again to see why after all this time I still owed $ XXXX they told me this was interest only for the last 6 years and the fees and fines. Last year I finally became upset and held them accountable for what they had done. They agreed to waive $ XXXX from my principle balance bringing my mortgage basically to where it should have been all along after almost 10 years! I then owed $ XXXX Chase then transferred my mortgage to XXXX XXXX at the original amount of $ XXXX After many calls we got that fixed. So at this time I am trying to refinance my home, Chase has not reported to the credit reporting agency all this time. So the place I was dealing with had a third party verification company call Chase with me on the phone XXXX way. The gentleman who answers at Chase gave the XXXX party verification company the information of no late pays and no bankruptcies. So once that happened my mortgage guy said call Chase and see if you can get them to report because with all that good payment history it will be easier to get you a good rate. My credit XXXX score at that time was XXXX. So I ask Chase to report they do, they report that my account is in forbearance, foreclosure and in bankruptcy. Which it is in none of those things! When XXXX gets the information my credit score drops from XXXX to XXXX. I called Chase numerous times to ask what is going on? They claim they have not reported it that way. I call XXXX to question them they state that Chase absolutely is reporting it this way. Chase was supposed to be reporting the last 7 years of my payment history and in the last 7 years I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING bad there at all! I have disputed this with XXXX and in less than a week I got a response that nothing would be done. I am appalled at the lack of competence on Chase Home Mortgage as well as XXXX I have worked very hard and done without many times to ensure all my bills were paid on time how can they be allowed to do this to a consumer? And then XXXX does nothing to actually check the facts? The account # that is being reported by Chase does not match the account # ‘s on the letters I get from them. The payment amount is incorrect I have never paid {$560.00} my payments were {$1200.00} per month. Nothing matches up. I have document all the calls and the people that I spoke with at Chase and XXXX. This is udderly ridiculous. If I could send all the documentation here I would. And the very last tine I talked with a supervisor at Chase named XXXX he got the credit reporting department on the phone his name was XXXX, he told me that they were not allowed to report until I signed documents allowing them too. And then in less than two days I had a XXXX envelope with documents requesting me to sign so they could report! They know they did something wrong and now want my signature to rectify it! In XXXX 2016 my score was XXXX and when the incorrect information that was supposedly reported by Chase my score in XXXX of 2016 dropped down to XXXX. This is unfair since the information is untrue! Yet Chase claims they never reported this! XXXX XXXX had to get it from somewhere!
Sincerely XXXX XXXX

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