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I request that Ocwen loan servicing provide the following information only and not any additional information that does not pertain to this complaint as they have done in the past. Due to the fraud and illegal acts that have occurred with this note and deed of trust, I am requesting from Ocwen Loan Servicing ( our servicer ) provide the following.
First, Which document does your company have in its possession, is it the original note, original Deed of Trust or both that pertains to our property? NOTE : I understand that the original note must be maintained by the servicer and the original Deed of Trust must be maintained by the trustee which is XXXX.
Second, we request a meeting with a representative from Ocwen Loan Servicing here in XXXX Nevada along with the Original note and the Original Deed of Trust. If Ocwen is not able to meet us here in XXXX Nevada, please provide a date, time and a location during the XX/XX/2017 where we can review these documents! Please notify us in writing when and where to attend.
NOTE ; I will have an independent investigator present to review these documents. We will be looking to see if these documents are the originals or copies of the originals. The ink on the original documents will be different from a copy. If the original documents have been lost or stolen, Ocwen loan servicing, XXXX and XXXX XXXX will have no legal standings to there claims without these original documents. All this can and will be resolved if Ocwen allows us to review these documents immediately. Ocwen can dispute legal claims all you want and XXXX me off even more. This will result in more complaints filed against Ocwen loan servicing. Servicing companies, banks, trustees and investors are required to maintain the original documents such as the original note and the original deed of trust to prove legal ownership. If Ocwen loan servicing fails to comply to my requests, we will request the original note and the original deed of trust in court.

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