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Major issue with Wells Fargo and their payment posting. 8 years into home ownership, starting with Wachovia, now it ‘s Wells Fargo. Due to circumstances, the lender placed insurance on the home – which was fine, that was just the way it had to be at the time. Per the bank, the only necessary/mandatory payment was the actual mortgage payment ( principal & interest ) – the insurance could be caught up at any time. So some months the insurance was made, but some months only the mortgage payment – BUT NEVER LATE, not once! Through the process, ultimately there was help from the Principal Reduction/Florida Hardest Hit Program – {$16000.00} to be posted directly to the principal balance ( figures provided by Wells Fargo ). After all the signing and everything was said and done – the numbers seemed wrong. Upon further inspection, it became evident that not only had the insurance payments not been posted to the insurance premiums, but the total awarded from the Hardest Hit Fund was NOT APPLIED to the principal balance – only about half was posted there. And through multiple calls and emails to Wells Fargo, their responses have been totally off point — – they claim they ca n’t re-post incorrect payments and they would have to retroactively add money to the principal amount with interest ( even though it was XXXX their mistake ) if they could re-post ; also claim that even though the paperwork plainly states the funds received were to go toward PRINCIPAL ONLY, they needed to pay off the insurance balance. Ultimately, the process of getting the principal to a manageable amount has been completely ruined by Wells Fargo and they are not willing to cooperate in any fashion. Is there any hope of getting anything done about this?

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