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Two years ago, I sent the below message to Senators XXXX and XXXX. I have yet to see any action. Is it time to give up and consider all politicians do not respond? My situation has been resolved after about 6 months of back and forth letters, but what about the unfortunate people who ca n’t afford to close their account? SLS actions border on criminal!
Senators XXXX and XXXX : Please have someone look into the unethical/illegal practices of Specialized Loan Services ( SLS ) Corp based in Colorado. In our particular case, our HELOC was sold from XXXX to SLS. After reading about SLS, which is really a debt collection agency, with all of it ‘s tactics, we decided to payoff the HELOC and close our account. Two months later, we still ca n’t get a correct statement from them in order to ensure the lien against our property is satisfied. Rather than give you more particulars, I believe it would be best if your staff googled ” SLS Complaints ” and read about their tactics. There are some very unfortunate people being taken advantage of ; some being threatened with losing their homes over a ” missed ” {$50.00} payment. I say ” missed ” because SLS does n’t cash the check and then the ” fun ” begins. This outfit has been in business at least 8 years and it is overdue to be investigated.

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