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I received yet another XXXX page pile of papers from Ocwen, designed to confuse and baffle customers to the point of insanity. In XX/XX/XXXX I was cancelled by my insurance company for simply putting in a claim for damages caused by a XXXX tornado in XXXX, NY. That is such a strange occurrence that it was on the national news, featuring my very street and house. After taking six months to repair minimal damages, the insurance company cancelled my policy ; before I could make other arrangements Ocwen placed XXXX on the home. Okay, fair enough. In XX/XX/XXXX, I took my retirement from XXXX XXXX XXXX in a ” lump sum ”, in order to get out of debt with EVERYONE I owed anything to. In XXXX, I called Ocwen XXXX at this point I had no idea how convoluted this corporation is ), and asked this simple question ( to a person located in XXXX reading from a script ) HOW MUCH DO I OWE YOU? I knew I was XXXX payment behind, from XX/XX/XXXX. The mortgage is supposed to be {$740.00}, and I was given a figure of {$1800.00}. That was supposed to be the mortgage for the missing month, XXXX XX/XX/XXXX XXXX, the mortgage for XXXX PLUS {$370.00} in ” fees ”. Okay, I paid it, and the check cleared. The bill I received in XXXX was still highly inflated, so I called AGAIN, and talked to yet another person in XXXX who I could barely understand. They were adding in the LPI, so I asked HOW MUCH to pay that off entirely. I was given the figure XXXX, which was supposed to be {$760.00} to pay for the insurance for THE YEAR, plus the mortgage payment for XXXX. AGAIN, I was told to send this to the payment center in XXXX XXXX, IL. XXXX I did not know at that time that Ocwen has different ” departments ” all over the country and all over the globe. The home office is in XXXX, research department in XXXX XXXX XXXX, Insurance Department in XXXX XXXX, call centers in XXXX XXXX primarily ), XXXX So obviously, as Ocwen is so famous for doing, the {$760.00} for insurance was ” lost ”, and to this day they are trying to collect it, along with thousands of dollars in ” fees ”. Since calling Ocwen XXXX, once in XX/XX/XXXX, and once in XX/XX/XXXX and asking for a TOTAL of monies owed, and I have proof of them clearing and have not missed a payment since, why oh why are they still harassing me? The latest was attempting to raise the mortgage by {$150.00} a month for insurance which we supposedly did not buy in XX/XX/XXXX even though our insurance agent has provided proof XXXX times, to the point whereas I am embarrassed to ask him to do it YET again. Copies have also been mailed to your organization and to XXXX as well. As inept as this company is, I REFUSE to attempt to communicate with anyone associated with them any longer. I have lost two years of my life attempting to do so. They have an ” ombudsman ” who works for them whom I am supposed to contact. Yeah, right. They lose checks, misappropriate funds, I have received over half a dozen letters stating that they have not received payment for the month when the check has cleared. The letters are all dated AFTER the check has cleared, so it ‘s not a mail issue. Speaking of mail, up until I learned what kind of company Ocwen was, I used to send my payments regular mail, and no matter when they were mailed, XXXX weeks would inevitably elapse before the check cleared. They sat in a box until the late fee could be added. I used to say they used XXXX XXXX. Then I began sending them certified, same time as always, and a miracle happened. Since I could PROVE when I had mailed them, they could no longer attach the late fee! There is a ” grace period ” until the XXXX. I WISH I could provide ” proof of insurance ” for XX/XX/XXXX-XX/XX/XXXX, but I paid it to OCWEN, and it is obviously lost in outer space or in some employees or CEOs pocket.

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