Loan servicing, payments, escrow account

I have had a nightmare since I signed my loan papers with XXXX XXXX of Wachovia/Wells Fargo ( I believe the were in the process of merging at the time ). In XXXX ( i think ) I needed some cash for my daughters wedding and to travel to it. I had a wonderful, secure loan and was promised a similarly stable loan.
At the time my interest rate was 7.5 % and all of t & i were escrowed. My payment was comfortable.

XXXX showed up at my home the day we were to refinance with a story about how she couldnt give me a conventional loan like I already had, but not to worry, she got creative and got me a loan!
My credit score was about XXXX maybe a little higher and had a gaurenteed income of {$3000.00} a month for another 11 years from soc. sec. and a $ XXXX/mo rental income.
So there was no reason why I could n’t geta mortgage. But I signed the papers because I was set to leave town.
Three days later I called a Wachovia branch about my account and accidentally found out that XXXX had opened an account in my name without my knowlege or permission!
I promptly closed the account! She called me a day or two later and yelled at me for doing so!
I have to ask myself now, what other accounts were opened in my name?

When Wachovia officially ” sold ” me to WF, a payment was lost. I was told I missed a payment.
I faught with them for several years to prove to them that I did not miss a payment. Several times I faxed them years of bank statements with my payments highlighted and circled and each time I would prove I payed on a date that they claimed that I didnt, they would say I missed a different date! They had me in tears and in emotional!

My credit status went into a rolling late status and they began calling the house and cell phone several times a day from early morning until XXXX at night. This XXXX me out and exasserbated my illness. I finally had the home hone disconnected. I became sick in XXXX and the harassment had an effect on my health.
WF Mail came every day, 2 and 3 envelopes.

This fight went on for years. It was exhausting! I was fighting for my health, I was fighting for my credit, for my dignity for what I deserve. I have made every single payment on time, and WF continues to this day to report me as a rolling late even though we Modified our loan with them in XXXX of XXXX. They say it wasnt modified until XXXX of XXXX and they have reported unknown and 5 months are grayed out on the credit report. It IS KNOWN! I paid ON TIME! They should have reported it paid on time EVERY SINGLE MONTH since the modification!

Another issue is that when the mortgage was motified and became a new loan number, WF quit reporting on it at XXXX.
Now it is on my XXXX report as an open loan that is unsatisfied and not being paid on. This loan was satisfied and paid off when I modified and became a new loan number so this item is no longer valid. I want it removed, or corrected in writing that it was paid.
WF refuses to acknowledge the report is even there and will not fix it or remove it.

I have seen a previous address listed on my credit report that wasnt mine for the last several years. I tried to get it removed, but was unsuccessful. I recently XXXX the address and low and behold, its the address for Wells Fargo!
I have been in constant contact with WF trying to get them to acknowledge their mistakes, but they will not. Nor will they correct them! I need help!
I am entitled to correct and fair credit reporting and thats what that I am asking for.


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