Loan servicing, payments, escrow account

My mortgage company ( Chase Home Finance ) decided to do a XXXX balance/ Forgive the loan on my mortgage. They never contacted me to say or ask me about it, they just did it on their own. They started rejecting my payments all of a sudden. It took 3 months of me calling to find out what was going on. They used a foreclosure method for the process, never letting me know that it was going to hurt my credit report. They caused my residential home insurance to go up due to the negative marks on my credit report. Strike one! Then since they rejected 6 months of payments, now that has a negative mark on my credit, Strike 2! then they did a charge off on my credit which again is a negative mark on my credit. Strike 3! How is it that this company can decide that the cost of maintaining my mortgage is more that what the value of the loan, and then decide to do a XXXX balance or forgive the loan and I have to pay for it? This seems illegal!!

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