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JPMOrganChase told us in XX/XX/XXXX we had an escrow shortage of {$360.00} and we could pay it off by XXXX/XXXX/16 to keep our mortgage payment the same. By the time XXXX XXXX came, we had changed our homeowners insurance policy to renters and it should have produced a lower mortgage payment. I called 1st thing in XX/XX/XXXX to find that it had n’t. The chaos started on XXXX XXXX with the 1st person I spoke to ( for which I have names/dates/times ) saying she would put a hold on the XX/XX/XXXX payment so I would n’t incur a late fee while she conducted an investigation including another escrow analysis. She also said that back in XX/XX/XXXX they paid homeowners insurance, then renters last month, so that they paid twice and that was the reason for the high payment/shortage. That turned out to be false. They were reimbursed for paying the homeowners insurance in XX/XX/XXXX. She also changed her mind in the same conversation stating we could pay the old amount in the meantime rather than the ” hold ”. The new result sent to us a couple of days later showed an almost tripled escrow shortage and we have to pay that by XXXX/XXXX/16 to get a lower payment. This next pair of reps said this was because more time elapsed between the 1st escrow analysis and 2nd leaving the shortage unpaid. The last rep said I could pay the last mortgage payment amount for up to 2 months. I did and added {$150.00} toward the escrow shortage. Tuesday I received a call that she was mistaken and we were not permitted to make the lower payment, we had to make the higher one reflecting that we did n’t pay towards the shortage and the money we paid towards the shortage was applied to the principal! I had to call yesterday to fix that and they said it was being fixed ” as we speak ”. Each representative apologizing for the last ‘s ” mistake ” and saying that they ” should n’t have said that, I do n’t know why they did ”. Sounds to us that they are either highly under-trained or making it up as they go along! As of today, the now {$98.00} ( taken from the {$150.00} to make up the difference to pay the higher mortgage payment ) has NOT been applied to the escrow shortage. Please help CFPB, for whom do we turn to when a big corporate enterprise such as JPMOrganChase takes over our hard-earned cash like this? I ‘m a low-paid teacher and my husband a blue-collar worker employed by a town municipality.

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