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I am in extreme need of advice and possible services, regarding a home I purchased back in XXXX, XXXX. I bought this house in hopes to retire to after I completed my over 20 years of XXXX service in the XXXX XXXX. I used my VA Home Loan and since the home was new, built in XX/XX/XXXX, XXXX did n’t require a home inspection. It turns out after several months living in this home my wife and middle daughter begin to get really sick and we could n’t figure out why? I was not living in the home due to back to back deployments XX/XX/XXXX ‘ and did n’t really know how bad things really were. My wife reached out to the builders, XXXX XXXX on several occasions and they refused to help her. Finally in XX/XX/XXXX we could n’t continue to pay for the things that kept going on with the home and the continuing health issues suffered by my family, so we moved. I could not afford to pay rent somewhere and the hefty mortgage on the home in question. After several months we hired a listing agent to take care of the property and list it for us. After a day or two of being in the house she ( XXXX XXXX Listing agent ) noticed a strange odor in the house and thought we might have been hit with at the time they were calling ” XXXX DRYWALL ” made by XXXX ( XXXX )! She recommended we have a home inspector come in and see if this was the case. It turns out it was exactly that. She then recommended an attorney that was already representing hundreds of other clients for the same issue. It turns out that after the initial class action was closed and all affected were compensated, every one that came after would have to hope the lawsuit would be reopened. We have been in the Class Action lawsuit ( MDL NO XXXX ; SECTION XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX , FL XXXX ) for 4 years now. That is the suit and the address of the house affected. I was informed by my attorney on XX/XX/XXXX because the XXXX, which I was unaware of, foreclosed on the home that I most likely would n’t receive a settlement. I know that my home builder and suppliers are both on the list that I received from my Attorney ( XXXX XXXX ESQ. ) of XXXX, XXXX law offices home based on XXXX XXXX, FL. She informed and recommended to me, that I should look into a foreclosure attorney to possibly filing a single claim on this situation. I really would appreciate it if you could give me any information whether you think your office could intervene or not? I just want to find a resolve to this situation, so I can start rebuilding what would be an unblemished credit report, if not for my purchase of ” what I thought would be my dream home ” I received a notice today XX/XX/XXXX stating that XXXX XXXX was going to foreclose on me and put a lean on my bank accounts and any property. I also want to make it clear I have reached out to everyone you can possibly imagine from XXXX XXXX XXXX, Atty Gen XXXX XXXX and all the way to the Office of the President and the Office of the First Lady. I have years of documentation from my desperate attempt to receive the proper attention to this life-altering experience. Please Help!!!!


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