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I believe the information on my loan as to the service collecting fee ‘s from the federal government may be false. While researching my mortgage information I noticed my loan no longer belonged to XXXX or XXXX and was sold back to Wells Fargo itself as I verified that with them recently. Wells Fargo provided the servicing before as well. So they would receive the incentives if they claimed them. After reviewing the information below it came to my attention that my next payment due date on my XXXX XXXX Wells Fargo XXXX states XXXX XXXX, XXXX. This date is absolutely incorrect. My falsely grossed up income trial payments began in XXXX XXXX and we paid, on time all XXXX payments so by XXXX XXXX we should have received at least what we were ” promised ” in writing for our doomed and unsustainable payments of XXXX a month, but we did not as already reported in a previous complaint. Our phone calls from the same banks branch manager resulted in demands that we continue to make more and more trial payments, each time promising to made the loan permanent. Just prior to making the sixth, we found our loan was not being reported or documented as current in any way and no permanent mod accepted and or signed by XXXX through the sixth, seventh, eighth or ninth trial or any other payments as we were protecting our home in chap XXXX by then ( Filed in XXXX XXXX XXXX, So why would Wells Fargo have our next payment due XXXX XXXX, XXXX when the last trial or any other payment we made to them was in XXXX XXXX? And how come they did not cancel the trial modification after they failed to convert to permanent in XXXX or XXXX or XXXX or XXXX before the chap XXXX was filed? Did this status result in an issue regarding incentives? Or loan values? Or regulatory violations? Wells reneged on their promise to convert our XXXX payments and then used our XXXX payments to prevent us from ever getting a XXXX I again, and denying us a XXXX XXXX claiming our HAMP I failure restricts the XXXX XXXX in a way to deny us. So here is the statement showing the XXXX XXXX, XXXX next payment due date and they also changed the loan number without changing the servicer, so possibly they bought it back or sold it back or whatever incentives were doing and pickapaymentXXXX I not XXXX trial payment losing standing per Wells not our fault goes for these days. Wells and regulators please help us … .please, we are begging you all! Look at this loan from start to finish and your eyes will be opened.

XXXX Loans in a Trial Period Plan as of the Effective Date of the Repurchase XXXX Modified Loans that were in an active TPP as of the effective date of the repurchase are eligible for all applicable investor, servicer and borrower incentives, including incentives accrued from the effective date of the TPP. All incentives will be paid in accordance with Treasury guidance.
XXXX Loans Permanently Modified as of the Effective Date of the Repurchase XXXX Modified Loans that were permanently modified and in good standing as of the effective date of the repurchase are eligible for all applicable servicer and borrower incentives, including incentives that accrued prior to re-boarding the repurchased loan in the XXXX Reporting Tool and incentives earned afterwards. Any loan originally reported in the XXXX XXXX XXXX as a XXXX permanent modification and subsequently repurchased and re-boarded with a new nonGSE investor is not eligible for investor incentives.
XXXX Loans Permanently Modified but are No Longer in Good Standing XXXX Modified Loans that lose good standing or are paid off prior to the effective date of the repurchase may not be re-boarded and are not eligible for any XXXX incentives.

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