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Hi. I am writing in regards to my mortgage. I have XXXX issues with a company named Select Portfolio Servicing. Once again I have tried to resolve the issues myself and have not been successful. XXXX issue is SPS reporting my payment history to the Credit Bureaus inaccurately. The other issue is the Principle Balance on my loan is not correct..
Before I get into the specifics I would like to thank the CFPB for the help that was given with SPS in XXXX. It really helped I am very grateful that an institution such as the CFPB exists. I am including the prior XXXX case numbers in case they are needed. They are XXXX and XXXX.
My first issue is the payment history being reported falsely. SPS had me down with the Credit Bureaus as being late 8 times ( 120-180 days ) since obtaining my loan XX/XX/XXXX. This is untrue so I disputed it with the Credit Bureaus and SPS twice this year. They simply lied and said that it was correct. It actually even got worse! When I disputed it they had me down for 8 times late and after my dispute they now have me down XXXX I actually even made another payment in that time frame. I even made it early and my score went down even more! Payment was due on XXXX ( this month ) and I made it on XXXX. I have never been late even XXXX single time since entering this modification agreement on XXXX with XXXX and have never ever been late ever with SPS even once! I am including my bank statements as proof of payments. Some are duplicates of what I had already sent the CFPB last year, but there is a complete 32 month payment history there. You will notice that about 95 % of my payments have been early too. This is really devastating my credit score to say the least. It is holding me back beyond words. I have taken out and paid off a secured loan early, gotten a secured card that is now unsecured and made all of my payments on time as expected and my score has actually gone down! This is nothing even close to what I agreed to when entering this agreement with XXXX when we were speaking on it in the end of XXXX. I was mislead. They told me how great this modification was and that after a coupe of years of making payments that my score would be back up. It is 3 years later and it is still being kept down by SPS. It is limiting me to the worst credit offers, APR ‘s and loans out there too. It has literally stopped me from getting any other accounts up and going and it is also serving very well to keep my credit to a point where in which I will not ever be able to get away from SPS by refinancing as my payment history has been mutilated so badly. I did also notice something. SPS does not start reporting any payments at all until XX/XX/XXXX. That also happens to be the month/time when I had to ask for help from the CFPB with SPS the last time. Long story short the CFPB forced them to give me my proper mortgage papers and then after that? I had to ask for help again and have the CFPB deliver my signed docs to them as they claimed not no receive them. They are only reporting from that time on and making me take the damage for all of that time they took. Not even close to acceptable. I have taken far more than I ever should have already. Enough is enough. I have never been late and my score/history needs to reflect that.
The other issue is the balance. My first reduction was to take place in XXXX. It never came off of the balance. I went round and round for months. Then I got a message from them saying that they fixed it. They took it off twice! Reduction was XXXX ( for 3 years ). The balance was XXXX ( and some change ) then … now it is XXXX and some change. That is incorrect. Worse is it is counted as taxable income so they just made it so that will get taxed on XXXX of income this year! Not acceptable. SPS claiming me to be late also negates my reduction eligibility as well. Not acceptable

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