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XXXX sold my mortgage to BSI Financial. They took a year to set up ACH payments. They try pulling the payments early causing NSF fees. Then they wo n’t accept payments. I ‘m going to end up losing my home, that I had built on land that was my late grandfathers and then my late dad ‘s. My research has shown me horrible things about what this company does and their Investors, XXXX XXXX XXXX. It seems they foreclose on people, a ” friend ” company buys the home at auction and BSI ends up owning the property before it ‘s all said and done. XXXX. Too many people are losing their homes to this crooked company. As for my situation, I ‘m now a single mother trying to keep my home and land ( which is family land and means the world to me and my son ). If I was able to refinance, I would, but that ‘s not an option for me. This company needs to be stopped! What can be done to stop this monster? I know there are enough people being ruined by this company that it ‘s known what they are doing. Please, someone help.

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