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My mortgage was sold to OCWEN by GMAC. With GMAC, I had the ability to prepay principal ( as my note allows ) anytime I wanted via ACH through the GMAC website. OCWEN has no such functionality. So I have to call them monthly to prepay principal. Here ‘s the issues1 ) They do n’t let me prepay principal if it ‘s between the XXXX & XXXX of the month as they consider my mortgage ” late ”? That is not what the note says. So I ‘m forced to wait until they clear my monthly mortgage check ( which has NEVER BEEN LATE ) to make a principal payment.
2 ) XXXX out of XXXX times they apply this principal payment to an upcoming mortgage payment even after I have directed it to be applied to principal. When questioned, they say it ‘s their system limitation Well now I notice that they actually apply the principal payment when I finally call them to have it fixed!! Not when they received it. So my amortization schedule is incorrect.

They are horrible!!! I ‘m considering paying off my mortgage to avoid having to deal with them!! They should be banned from mortgage processing due to their gross incompetence!

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