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OCWEN Loan Servicing is so messed up that they sold our home, AFTER they contacted their attorney to stop the sale of our house!!!! OCWEN contacted their foreclosure attorney to stop the sale of our home on XXXX XXXX, 2016, but the foreclosure attorney failed to contact the Sheriff and our house sold. We had no idea that there was a sale on our home, as OCWEN placed the sale date on our home nine days before it sold. We are confused and VERY UPSET because OCWEN wanted to stop the sale, but either OCWEN or their attorney screwed up and we are paying the ultimate price. My husband and I even had an appointment with our OCWEN Case Manager on XXXX XXXX, 2016 to discuss what kind of workout option our loan would be reviewed for assistance options ; seven days after the sale! The right hand does n’t know what the left hand is doing at OCWEN and it is costing us our lives. The foreclosure attorney is willing to revert the sale, but OCWEN just decided yesterday that they will not revert the sale!!! We will be homeless now and it is n’t fair. OCWEN was fined {$2.00} XXXX a few years ago for what they did to AMERICAN homeowners, but they continue to take homes away from us, apparently without recourse. When my representative contacted OCWEN on the day of the sale, he spoke with an Escalation Manager with OCWEN named XXXX ( employee # XXXX ) who said that OCWEN sent the request to postpone to two separate emails at the foreclosure attorney ‘s law firm ( XXXXXXXXXXXX and XXXXXXXXXXXX ), but the attorney did not contact the sheriff in time. Clearly OCWEN and their attorney do not have the communication in place to ensure homes do not get sold! When asked when OCWEN decided to stop the sale, XXXX said the notes do not make sense and he can not tell when the sale was postponed internally. XXXX said that if the sale goes on and it goes back to OCWEN, it is possible for them to rescind the sale. After the sale occurred, we contacted OCWEN, but they only gave us two numbers to leave a message on and we were told that OCWEN would decide what happens and we had no say in the process. Well, they cold-heartedly decided that the sale is going to stand and that we have to be out of our home. When we asked if we could appeal the decision, they gave us 48 hours, but they mailed the appeal form and we will not receive it until after the deadline passes. PLEASE STOP OCWEN FROM ILLEGALLY STEALING OUR HOME!!!! They wanted it stopped and the property went back to them, so they can just give it back. HOW CAN THEY BE THE JUDGE, JURY AND EXECUTIONER and throw us into the streets?!?

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