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Ocwen refuses to help people still. My husband has repeatedly tried to switch our mortgage payment to the back of the month. Instead Ocwen has refused continuously and without fail to accrue over {$2700.00} of late payments. They are horrendous work with, all calls go to XXXX and in XX/XX/XXXX took money out of the wrong bank account, leaving us with a default, and our mortgage not paid that month. This was the one time my husband paid via a real human at Ocwen, instead of the automated phone pay. We were sent an intent to foreclose on XXXX/XXXX/16 certified mail after missing only one payment and the added {$2700.00} of late fees they assessed. This included the overdraft charges that Ocwen accrueddue to this, adding {$93.00} to a late payment of XXXX, costing me another {$160.00}. They have no scruples, ethics, or morals. I took a pension loan and was able to cure the default in XXXX payments before the XXXX XXXX deadline given in the Intent to Foreclose document, & for this they added another {$73.00} of late fees to my account. I called on XXXX/XXXX/16 and asked to be switched to the XXXX. I was switched to XXXX ID # XXXX. I explained to her how I cured the default as I did not want to lose my home, and was calling now about the late fees of {$2700.00} that had been levied against us. My husband is self employed and I myself only get paid twice a month on the XXXX and XXXX. We have been unable due to this to pay before the XXXX, being assessed a late fee each time. Our mortgage payment is larger than one of my bimonthly checks, so it has been a real struggle. The economic downturn has effected my husband ‘s business of construction. He recently got a job in XXXX XXXX with another company and is doing well now but it has been very difficult for us. We did not want to do a Loan Modification as we knew this would greatly effect our credit and our ability to refinance with another company.XXXX was very helpful and patient with me. It is not her, it is Ocwen that is the problem. She put me on hold several times to try and see if something could be done about the late fees assessed but was unable to do anything. I believe she did try on her own. I needed to even know where to send the late fees since the automated system does not tell you. XXXX tried to navigate that, and said she would put a flag on our account that notifies representatives that any additional money sent in goes towards the fees ( late ) not the principal. At the end of the call she gave me the address of the Research Dept that I could send a letter to explaining my situation and asking for late fees to be reduced.
I appreciate XXXX she was leaps and bounds above speaking to a rep in XXXX, however, my situation has not been remedied. Ocwen has a terrible track record, the CEO has been forced to step down, all kinds of illegal activity. They refuse to work with consumers really. They want to force you into Forceclosure..1 missed payment that they caused by taking the money out of the wrong account! They send me a letter to Foreclose for this? They add late fees over and over … They refuse to help mankind. What has really changed at Ocwen? A new CEO? We need real help for consumers. Where was our Bail Out?

At the end of the day, I want Ocwen to work with me and to greatly reduce the late fees they assessed XXXX hard working adults, that are just trying to survive.

Hardworking in NJ

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