Loan servicing, payments, escrow account

After several phone calls, emails, mail, and faxes stemming as far back as XX/XX/XXXX, I have to date received no response from Ditech. I was told by a representative of Ditech formerly Green Tree that my supplemental tax bill would be paid out of my escrow account because there was a surplus in my escrow account. Long story short, I was continuously told that the installments were scheduled on time and they were not. I accrued {$420.00} in fees due to Ditech ‘s mistakes in not paying the tax bills on time, and was adamant in having Ditech credit me the fees that were accrued through no fault of my own. Several Ditech representatives indicated seeing my numerous faxes, emails, and calls documenting my diligence in providing them documents and following up on getting these issues resolved since its inception in XX/XX/XXXX — to date no response has ever been received. In fact, I have now had my mortgage payment increased due to an escrow ” shortage, ” even though they sent me a surplus check in XX/XX/XXXX. Yet when I asked why an annual escrow analysis was done in XXXX and again in XXXX, no one could answer my questions. This to me feels like I ‘m being PUNISHED for wanting back monies that are rightfully mine. On XX/XX/XXXX, I emailed Ditech asking why they were issuing out Annual escrow analysis to me in 3 month increments? Well of course the account would be short in the computer, a payment would have just gone out in XXXX for XXXX regular property taxes! My regular payment at the beginning of the loan was {$2800.00} ( {$1900.00} in principal & interest, and {$940.00} escrow for taxes & insurance ), then in XXXX it changed to {$2600.00} ( {$1900.00} Prin & Int and {$710.00} escrow for taxes & insurance ) due to a ” surplus, ” and now my XXXX payment went up to {$3000.00} ( {$1900.00} Prin & int and {$1000.00} escrow for taxes and insurance ) due to a ” shortage. ” So, my payment went up {$350.00} due to an escrow ” shortage, ” but no one can explain to me how, or will even call me back. I have been told for weeks that a supervisor will call me back — not once have I ever been allowed to speak with one, even after several times of requesting to speak with one. I sought out legal advice and had an attorney write me a letter in the hopes that someone would call me back — nothing! On XX/XX/XXXX was my final call to Ditech, again I was given the runaround. No supervisor was available for me to speak with, and no one could tell me why my payment went up or why an annual analysis was being done 3 months later from a previous one, or where my darn check was for the fees and penalties!
It is blatantly obvious Ditech has no intention of paying me back my fees, and even went as far as increasing my payment as punishment for requesting those fees to be credited. To date no one has ever responded.

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