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After obtaining a home mortgage from Fifth Third Bank in XXXX XXXX, and closing with extreme difficulties and delays on XX/XX/XXXX, we had filed our complaint with your department. They responded on XX/XX/XXXX, after two months, with a letter justifying their delays & errors. They included a gift card for all of our troubles. Now, here we are almost a year later, with our money in escrow, we are hopeful that our homeowner ‘s insurance and property taxes will be paid by Fifth Third. We received our homeowner ‘s renewal dated XX/XX/XXXX, indicating that Fifth Third as a mortgagee, along with their address in XXXX and our loan number. What could go wrong? Well.. .yesterday, XX/XX/XXXX, we received a reminder from our insurance company that no premiom has been received for the XX/XX/XXXX renewal. I contacted the insurance company by telephone & they confirmed thar the annual premium is yet unpaid. I went to a local Fifth Third branch office on XXXX XXXX. in XXXX XXXX, who made a phone call to a mortgage department in either XXXX or XXXX. They would not talk to the personal banker to verify if the escrow dept. had the correct information regarding our insurance company. The banker gave me an XXXX number to call. I called this number, it was n’t the correct department, so I was transferred to another person, still not the correct area, so I was transferred a third time, was cut off, started the process again. After talking to XXXX different people, finally spoke to a XXXX, who works for a firm hired by Fifth Third to pay homeowner premiums ( not a Fifth Third employee, but by far the most helpful ). She looked up our account and said due to Fifth Third recently hiring their firm on XX/XX/XXXX, oor renewal declarations and invoice were NOT sent to their company. Could I contact my insurance company or copy my renewal declarations and send to this contract company so they could begin to process a payment that HOPEFULLY would get to the insurance company prior to XX/XX/XXXX?!? I did not create this error, Fifth Third is responsible and once again, I am doing the follow up due to their internal processing errors. The rep ( part of a call center that I can not talk to again ) said she would call our homeowner insurance company to ask them to AGAIN resubmit our declarations and invoice. No guarantee this will happen, so I must domy own followups to both the insurance company and Fufth Third. If I had n’t gone tothe Fifth Third branch or called and FINALLY got to the correct person, I would ‘ve assumed that Fifth Third was going to pay our renewal premium. There is no guarantee that this will happen before our policy renews on XX/XX/XXXX. Now I am concerned that our property taxes wo n’t be paid on XX/XX/XXXX. I will have to start calling again to insure that they have received the same notice we have received. Is no one accountable at Fifth Third Bank?

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