Loan servicing, payments, escrow account

We have mortgage with Ditech Financial LLC.We got transferred from XXXX XXXX to Green Tree Servicing LLC on XXXX XXXX. On XXXX XXXX Green Tree Servicing LLC become Ditech Financial LLC. We did n’t have any problem with this company until they offered to us Ditech Automatic Payment Agreement in XXXX, 2015. This agreement suppouse to start on XXXX XXXX. Before we sign this agreement we make sure that customer service representative understood that we ca n’t have monthly recurring electronic debits from our checking account on Due Date ( on the XXXX of each month ), because my husband got his XXXX pension electronic deposit on the XXXX of each month. Customer service representative assure us that in this agreement we have second ” alternative ” Debit Date for each month. And indeed we put alternative date of XXXX each month in assigned line in agreement.
On XXXX 2015 electronic system triggered mortgage payment right on XXXX day of the moth and we did not have sufficient funds in the our checking account! After that our bank charge us XXXX fines : {$35.00} Bank Overdraft Charge, and {$9.00} ODP Primary ( CR ) Fee.Altogether : {$44.00}.
We are low income senior citizens and every cent is important to us. We contacted this mortgage company many times, write letter with explanations and ask to pay {$44.00} back to us, because it was clearly their mistake or a lie! They send letter of refusal. That was our first unresolved dispute.
XXXX is even more disturbing.
All year of 2015 we had no cushion on our escrow account. We only paying yearly home insurance premiums on our escrow account, because we are low income seniors and XXXX XXXX give us real estate tax exemption every year for many years. We never had any problem with adjusting our escrow account for that before. Not with this company! First they put full amount of taxes on our escrow in addition to our home insurance amount, and then, after many attempts to contact by phone calls, faxes, and finally mail, they re-calculated our escrow account with significant cushion! It was explain to them over and over again, that we are low income, we never late for monthly payments and we ca n’t afford pay XXXX more per month until XXXX 2015! We already pay {$200.00} more for XXXX 2015, because this company working very slow and in the process extracting as more money as they can! And they calculated cushion not from my real amount on my escrow account ( it is only my home insurance payment, not taxes ), but from inflated amount of taxes plus home insurance premium. What happen with only XXXX of escrow amount?! This behavior need to be stop!

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