Loan servicing, payments, escrow account

There has been fraud and robo-signing going on with the companies that handle our note and Deed of Trust! A complaint will be filed with the CFPB and other agencies in the near future regarding this issue. We are requesting the following information to complete our investigation before we file the fraud and robo-signing complaint with all supporting documentation including a third party investigation, with federal and state agencies!
Now ; we send our monthly mortgage payments to Ocwen Loan Servicing, our servicer. Our trustee is XXXX XXXX XXXX. Again, I am requesting the following information in writing with documentation!
First, provide documentation on who Ocwen Loan Servicing sends our monthly payments too.
Second, provide documentation of when ( dates ) Ocwen sends our payments.
Third, provide documentation of how much ( amount ) Ocwen sends each month.
Forth, If Ocwen sends our monthly mortgage payments to XXXX XXXX ( our trustee ) as suppose to be, then Ocwen Loan Servicing must request additional information from XXXX XXXX!
Fifth, has XXXX XXXX XXXX kept any of the funds that have been received by Litton and Ocwen Loan Servicing since 2006?
Sixth, provide documentation on which investor did XXXX XXXX XXXX send our monthly payments too going all the way back to XXXX XXXX XXXX, our original lender on XXXX XXXX 2006.
Seventh, provide documentation on how much did XXXX XXXX send each month to the investor?
Eighth, provide documentation of the dates when XXXX XXXX sent the payments?
Ninth, provide documentation on the type of payment sent to the investor? ( check, electronically, ETC ) Be warned, do not add any other information with in your response other than what is requested with in this complaint, otherwise more complaints will be filed against Ocwen Loan Servicing!

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