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I had auto-pay set up through my mortgage servicer – Loancare. Suddenly, in XXXX the payments were interrupted. Despite the fact that I had received my monthly ” Thank you, your mortgage payment has been received! ” email from Loancare my payment had not, in fact been deducted from my checking account. I contacted them several times and each time they swore everything was fine. Finally I made a manual payment from my checking account and held my breath, hoping that Loancare would n’t suddenly ding my account and pay double that month XXXX they did n’t, my manual payment was the only payment made. XXXX Despite my phone calls and attempt to ensure this payment was made on time, Loancare levied a late fee for XXXX. I have been unsuccessful in having them waive this, as the late payment was because of a problem on their end XXXX their auto-draft not functioning ) and nothing I did.

Care to guess what happened in XXXX? Again an email thanking me for my mortgage payment. Again no money deducted from my checking account. Again a flurry of phone calls and emails that ( mostly XXXX went un-answered trying to find out if Loancare ‘s auto-pay was going to deduct my payment or if I should make a manual payment again. Again I was assessed a late fee, and was told that my mortgage payment was not received due to insufficient funds ( not true and my bank is prepared to provide written evidence as to such ) and then when I called I was told my payment was n’t made because of changes I had made on the Loancare website ( again, not true I had not made a change since originally setting up the original auto-draft and had been successfully making payments for MONTHS before this happened. ) I ca n’t get anywhere with Loancare, their staff are rude, unprofessional and unhelpful. When my husband and I attempted to re-finance the loan with them in order to remove PMI they declined, stating that my bankruptcy inhibited their ability to improve the terms of my loan ( I have never declared bankruptcy and they refused to disclose where they had obtained that information. ) I really do n’t understand how these folks get away with this stuff. I ‘d rather have my loan serviced by XXXX.

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