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I began battling this issue with OCWEN Loan Servicing LLC ( hereafter referred to as ” OCWEN ” XXXX in XXXX of XXXX. I have spent nearly one year and 100+ hours compiling letters to OCWEN XXXX emails to OCWEN XXXX letters to the credit bureaus and in telephone conversations with both OCWEN and XXXX yet, OCWEN continues to report to XXXX incorrect, slanderous information that is PROHIBITED by the FCRA and XXXX XXXX even after all of this information has been brought to their attention, continues to report incorrect, sladerous information on my credit report. This complete disregard for my rights under the law by both OCWEN and XXXX has cost me XXXX dollars in higher interest rates and higher insurance premiums and denial of loan applications.
To summarize, we filed for bankruptcy in XXXX with a discharge being entered in XXXX of XXXX. At that time and through XXXX XXXX, GMAC was our mortgage provider. When GMAC filed for bankruptcy, our mortgage was taken over by OCWEN and so began this RIDICULOUS chain of events. When OCWEN took over our mortgage, they began reporting our loan as being a ” reaffirmation of a debt ”, indicating to anyone in the credit industry that a bankruptcy had taken place. THE PROBLEM with this and the reason they should be investigated and I pray, FINED, is that in XXXX, XXXX when OCWEN took over our mortgage, we were already 10+ years out of the bankruptcy, thereby prohibiting them from reporting anything related to, or making any remarks pertaining to a bankruptcy. NOW, HERE WE ARE 12 1/2 YEARS AFTER THE BANKRUPTCY and OCWEN continues to report this prohibited information and XXXX, despite my disputing this information with them, continues to include it on my credit report. OCWEN HAS NEVER HAD THE RIGHT TO REPORT THIS INFORMATION since the allowable timeline for reporting the bankruptcy and discharge EXPIRED ON XXXX/XXXX/XXXX, BEFORE THEY EVEN TOOK OVER SERVICING OUR MORTGAGE ( WHILE OUR MORTGAGE LENDER WAS STILL GMAC XXXX!!!
Now, to make matters worse, XXXX incorrectly lists XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX OCWEN accounts – XXXX in good standing showing my account open and current and no negative comments in the remarks section. The other OCWEN listing shows the account ” closed ” and in the remarks section it still shows it as a ” reaffirmation of debt ”. I have been over this many, many times with OCWEN and XXXX and advised them that they are NOT ALLOWED, under the laws of the Fair Credit Reporting Act to report my account in this way – ” reaffirmation of debt ”. There should only be XXXX OCWEN listing in my credit files and it should be the XXXX showing the account in good standing, PAID/NEVER LATE and NO OTHER COMMENTS. I again contacted XXXX directly XXXX by phone ) and I did file a credit dispute. On XXXX XXXX, XXXX, they show an ” update ” to my report, but IT IS STILL COMPLETELY INCORRECT. It seems impossible for me to get anyone to understand what has happened and what needs to be done to correct this matter, yet it is really very simple if someone would just actually listen to me and pay attention to what I am saying and actually read the supporting information I have provided to all parties numerous times. At this time, OCWEN needs to file a correction specifically with XXXX to have my credit report corrected to list only the OCWEN account in good standing. This has been OCWEN ‘s mistake all along, but I have spent hours upon hours trying to get this straightened out. By law, it is OCWEN ‘s responsibility to fix this matter immediately. HOW COULD THIS TYPE OF THING CONTINUE TO BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN TO CONSUMERS? I have paid dearly, for many years for my financial mistakes, but I have worked very hard to rebuild my credit. FYI – when XXXX corrected my credit reports, my FICO scores went up almost XXXX points! That ‘s how much this FALSE information is costing me!!! HELP!!

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