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Several years ago, as a life-long XXXX XXXX XXXX customer, they sold my Home Mortgage to Nationstar Mortgage. ( I was given no say as to this being done. ) I am a XXXX Person receiving SSI, and as such I participate with XXXX County Texas ‘ ” Property Tax Deferral Program ”. Much like those programs in other states, this allows our XXXX Taxes to be deferred until the property is sold or transferred to another owner. ( The combined accrued Taxes and Mortgage are less than XXXX of what this house would sell for, and that percentage is decreasing with each passing year. So there are no concerns for the county or Nationstar about getting their monies. I have never missed or been late on a mortgage payment either – Nationstar takes it out of my XXXX XXXX XXXX account each month automatically – so it will never be late or missed. ) The Property Taxes accrue with interest, BUT WITHOUT PENALTY AND WITHOUT BEING CONSIDERED DELINQUENT BY XXXX COUNTY – OR XXXX XXXX XXXX FOR THE YEARS MY MORTAGE WAS WITH THEM! XXXX XXXX XXXX was aware of this, had all of the necessary paperwork, and by Nationstar ‘s own admission transferred it all to them when they sold the mortgage to them. Again, XXXX XXXX XXXX had no problem with this Property Tax Deferral – and I never heard anything from them in the years that my mortgage was with them. A few months after they sold my mortgage to Nationstar, I got the XXXX of now a XXXX or so letters from Nationstar stating that my Property Taxes were Delinquent – which they are not, and threatening foreclosure if I did not pay them immediately. I called Nationstar, they admitted that there had been problems with the transfer of Mortgages from XXXX XXXX XXXX, they saw in their system that I was in a Property Tax Deferral Program, but that the actual paperwork, ” had been lost or misfiled during the transfer from XXXX XXXX XXXX ” to them … At their request, They spent several weeks trying to locate that paperwork – sending me the same foreclosure-threatening letters every few days in the meantime. After XXXX or XXXX of those letters, I called them again, and arranged to have the paperwork sent from XXXX County sent to them again. ( The woman at XXXX County laughed and said, ” XXXX, this is about the XXXX time that I have had to do this for Nationstar in the last month. What is wrong with them? I ‘ll send them the info today, and no worries, your property taxes are NOT delinquent. ) A week or so after that, Nationstar confirmed that they had received everything they needed and had corrected the errors on my account, and that this would never happen again. Then last year at this time, the beginning of XXXX 2014, they began sending me the same ” Delinquent Taxes ”, foreclosure-threatening letters AGAIN on a weekly basis. AGAIN I called them, they were very sorry for the ” erroneous letters ”, and they told me that they had everything they needed, that I should not have received such letters AGAIN, and again told me that I would never get such letters AGAIN. BUT AGAIN YESTERDAY they began arriving in the mail … I have a XXXX requiring weekly to monthly surgeries – hence my XXXX Status that Nationstar is aware of – they are even aware of the fact of my weekly to monthly surgeries. I am about to go through a series of weekly surgeries through XXXX. To have to deal with this harassment, ineptness, incompetence, maliciousness – by choice or carelessness, would seem to violate all sorts of Lending, Mortgage, Harassment, and ADA Laws. It is time to make Nationstar pay for this malicious choice or carelessness so that they learn from it – rather than brush their countless mistakes under the carpet, and repeat them over and over on a yearly basis. This will be a win, win for all involved, including Nationstar, in the long run, if they become a more efficient organization!

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