Loan servicing, payments, escrow account

I have XXXX mortgage loan servicers and I ‘m having the same issue with both. I ‘ve already filed a complaint against XXXX, this is for the servicer of my first mortgage, Green Tree Servicing , LLC.
Green Tree acquired my 1st mortgage when XXXX declared bankruptcy years ago. I declared bankruptcy near the same time, but I signed a letter of intent for both of my mortgages with XXXX at the time ( 1st ended up with Greentree, 2nd with XXXX ) and my payments have been current since XXXX modified my loan under HAMP long before either BK.
Aside from the initial pain of trying to get any kind of customer service when the loans were acquired, at least they have both improved their accessibility over the years. I did have an unfortunate run-in this year when my payment increased and Green Tree failed to send me a simple statement with XXXX new monthly balance beginning XXXX XXXX, 2015, but that was resolved with XXXX very lengthy and incredibly frustrating phone call to them to figure out why they sent me to collections for what turned out to be ~ {$38.00} shortage.
My immediate concern is both mortgages are still showing on my credit report as negative because they show closed/discharged in BK. I have contacted both servicers several times to correct the issue. Neither servicer will take responsibility to correct the erroneous credit reporting. Why is this an issue? Because I want to refinance with someone, ANYONE else but the negative marks make me less than a favorable choice for any kind of loan. How are they getting away with this? What other issues are buried in poor management of our mortgages? How do we the consumers fix it?!

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