Lost or stolen check

I am a former employee with a XXXX loan. When Ileft there was confusion with auto payments for my XXXX loan when I set up the new auto debit to keep payments happening from my personal account since they could not auto debit my paycheck any longer, by the time the payments started I was 2-3 payments behind and was receiving deliquency notices, On XXXX I went to the Citibank XXXX NY branch and obtained a bank check for the deliquency amount p’us the XXXX payment and mailed it to Citigroup Benefits Center following all the directions they provided to me on the notiice as it stated that if I did not pay by XXXX/XXXX/15 the funds would be devited from my XXXX and there would be tax implications, In XXXX I received another deliquency notice-when I called to inquire they stated that the payment of {$2200.00} had not been received, I called them almost daily from XXXX to XXXX and they said they could not locate the payment and was advised to put a stop on the check and have it reissued, I went to the XXXX branch on XXXXXXXXand went through the process to stop the check- signed the affidavit and Indemnity form- but since it was less than 90 days I was told the Citigroup Benefits Center also had to sign it- it was send to them on XXXX electroically by the branch. I called on XXXX and the Benefits Center confirmed they received the form but indicated they would not sign it as they do not sign ” third party forms ” — this is a stop payment form from the bank they are an agent for! I on those funds. I am simply asking they sign the affidavit to stop the check so I can have it reissued back TO THEM and resend the payment for theme to process — Yesterday XXXX after talking to the 5th supervisor and them opening numerous investigations they told me ” they can not sign the form that they have not received the check, but they clearly stated on the same call that they have not received the check. All calls are recorded by them as requried and can be heard that they refuse to assist in resolving this matter so my {$2200.00} can be applied back to my XXXX loan, I am not a deliquent payor, I have over {$400000.00} in my XXXX and I am attemoting to resolve a matter they created last XXXX when they did not set up my auto debits for 2-3 months for the payments to continue. I have no recorse at this point … they just expect me to be out the {$2200.00} and absolve themselves from any responsibity to address the issue, it was mailed to them- they can not locate it and they refuse to sign a simple form that would allow it to be resisued and applied to my account, This {$2200.00} does not earn interest or benefits of the market increase until applied and as a result I am 1- losing money, 2- behind on payments and 3- at risk of taxable income as thr 90 days would be after I can place a stop on it without their signing the form. I need help and have no idea how to solve this, they just refuse to speak with me anymore

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