Lost or stolen money order

I purchased a MoneyGram Money Order for {$400.00} on XX/XX/2017 at an XXXX in XXXX, ny to pay part of my Mortage for that month. I filled it out completely to XXXX XXXX INC. XXXX XXXX XXXX, NY XXXX, c/o XXXX.
I mailed it in the XXXX mail box on XXXX between Springer ave and XXXX on XX/XX/2017.I called the mangers office on XX/XX/2017 to make sure it was received.
I spoke the manger he said it was n’t received, I then called money gram to see what happened to the money order they took the money order number and the amount to check it and told me it was cashed. Now I had to pay {$24.00} for a photo copy of the money order. I went to a money gram in cvs and paid for the photocopy in 2 days I received the photo copy of the money order which was altered by the person whom stole the money. It was clear as day this money order was altered money gram has money orders if altered must not cash you can see on the photocopy it was altered and it was n’t signed on the back to cash. The money order was made out to XXXX for XXXX the address used is XXXX XXXX. The money order has the Bank named as XXXX XXXX MN No ZIP CODE I can see this Money Order was altered why ca n’t Money Gram investigate this to give me back my money. I filed a Police report with the XXXX Police Department 2nd PRECINCT but they ‘ll not even doing their job Investigating officer # XXXX my complaint # XXXX I gave the officer all the documents he asked for to no avail I ‘m still have no help in this matter. I call the police they said it nothing they can do, because No one wrote up the report, Lazy Officers!!!! That ‘s not right I was robbed of this {$400.00} it sure be investigated I need my money back. That ‘s why I pay taxes so they can do their jobs .I feel they have robbed me as well!!!

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