Making/receiving payments, sending money

Premise : I ordered book of checks via US Bank web-portal service.
Few weeks went by, still not having received the checks, I called in to find out that they have sent it to some random address. The rep then proceeded to cancel the incorrectly mailed checks, and issued me new ones with the correct address.
Here is the caveat : the rep issued the new checks with EXACTLY the same number of the checks he had canceled therefore rendering all newly issued checks useless.

Result : All the checks I had wrote ( lot outstanding keep in mind as I had to wait about 2 months from the initial ordering date ) were bounced. Out of all the bounced checks, XXXX was actually to the XXXX, where we had paid higher premium to have an application expedited for a family member. What was suppose to be the tail end of 2-3 month process had to start ALL over, not to mention penalties that came along with it.

Actions taken : I called multiple times and was assured multiple times that a supervisor would call to discuss reimbursement of the penalty fees applied for parties that deposited the incorrectly issued checks on behalf of US Bank.
Even to their request, I had emailed over two attachments illustrating all the bounced checks/fees and even the rejected application letter from US Government due to bounced check.

To this date, I still have nothing resolved. No reimbursement of the bounced check fees for my other parties. Nothing was done at all, other than an apology letter that says to call their XXXX number for any questions.

Extremely frustrated, unprofessional and simply unacceptable for a banking institution to mess up to this degree and leave it unresolved.

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