Making/receiving payments, sending money

I am highly concerned by the actions of Capital One. They have now called me for the fourth time today wanting to talk on a conference call to my bank, they want me to verify name, bank accounts that I use, ownership of accounts, and information over the phone. I have spoken to the corporate offices and they tell me there is no record of these calls and they are ” so sorry. ” However, everytime they have threatened to restrict use of my credit card even though it has an over payment credit on it, and they stop all useage of my card each time. They force me to have conference calls with the bank AGAIN, and give them all information then they release the hold of my funds. My concern is the lack of recording all these episodes and even when I speak with a supervisor they tell me that there are no ” notes ” in the files to documentation. 4 conference calls to XXXX to hear me say all my confidential information. The Capital One employee on the phone as I write says she can not say what the problem is, ” there are extensive notes. ” They leave me on hold for 17 minutes while they ‘look up ” the number for XXXX . There is concern on my part for the unprofessional conducting of business that has created over 6 documented hours of time with Capital One or they threaten to restrict my account. This company is not up to the banking standards I would expect from a company that handles banking transactions when they take payments, lose payments, find payments, return payments and can not keep notes.

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