Making/receiving payments, sending money

I signed up on Chase ‘s website to be enrolled in automatic monthly paymentson my Chase credit card. I thought that I signed up to pay the monthlystatement balance by selecting ” minimum balance ” for my automatic paymentoption, however a few days after the automatic payment ( due date for thecredit card monthly payment ) I found out that only {$25.00} was paid to my creditcard balance and I was charged interest for the days that had passed since thedue date. I called Chase immediately to rectify the situation and spoke to XXXXdifferent staff members who informed me that due to the rules I would have toowe the interest for the time that passed due to the {$25.00} minimum payment. Ifeel that Chase purposely had misleading and confusing wording on ” minimumbalance ” for the automatic bill payment so that customers would make thiskind of mistake and they could collect the interest. I have almost always paidmy statement balance in full by the deadline and have an excellent credit rating.

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