Making/receiving payments, sending money

We had a terrible experience with Wells Fargo fraud protection. They did not protect us AT ALL. In XX/XX/2015, my husband and I accidentally wrote and mailed XXXX rent checks to our landlord, XXXX each. We notified them and asked them to cancel the XXXX check when they received it, or to hold it until next month. On XX/XX/2015, I viewed the checks online. XXXX had been withdrawn from our account. I noticed that XXXX had been altered. The payee name had been changed from our landlord’s to a name that was unfamiliar to us. Our landlord informed us that they never saw the XXXX check, and that they were also unfamiliar with the altered name. I called our bank, Wells Fargo, on XX/XX/2015 to report the fraud. I called again to check the status of the claim on XX/XX/2015. We also reported the fraud to the XXXX Police Department and were assigned a case number. We were given a claim # by Wells Fargo and submitted an affidavit to them on XX/XX/ Wells Fargo did NOT return XXXX to our account. We were told that the bank that cashed the check was responsible for restitution, and that we had to wait for Wells Fargo’s claims department contact them and obtain the money from them. We were told that this process could take a couple of months. Every month, we called to follow up, and Wells Fargo kept telling us the issue had not been resolved yet. Finally, we called Wells Fargo on XX/XX/2015 and they told us that the claim had been closed in XX/XX/XXXX (they made no attempt to contact us about it) and they would be unable to restore the XXXX to our account. We are extremely disappointed in Wells Fargo’s fraud protection policies and will be moving to another bank soon. We do not feel valued as their customers. We have been telling our friends and family about the situation to warn them not to choose Wells Fargo as their bank.

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