Making/receiving payments, sending money

XXXX my wife and I have Macy ‘s accounts and have signed up for electronic bills using our XXXX XXXX XXXX service. We have excellent credit and have never had any issues in the past. Macy ‘s switched their credit card service to XXXX XXXX in XXXX 2015. While my wife received all her bills since XXXX, I did not receive an electronic statement and a purchase of {$44.00} that I made in XXXX resulted in {$180.00} in late fees.

I found out about the late charges once Macy ‘s contacted me in XXXX for the late charges. Macy ‘s customer service is saying that failure to pay is my fault even though they failed to provide me with a bill. I checked with my bank and the electronic bill service for Macys was turned on the entire time ( which is how my wife received her bills ) After contacting Macy ‘s, I have finally received a paper bill and the electronic bill pay service has resumed. I have paid the amount that I owed for goods purchased but I should not be responsible for late fees based on statements that were never delivered.

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