Making/receiving payments, sending money

Manufacturers and Trust company dba M & T bank ( New York ) has paid a disputed transaction. I contacted the vendor and they stated that I DID NOT have an account with them. M & T bank contacted the vendor and it was stated I had an account, which if so, I do not know where the magazines are going. When this first charge appeared on my account I made contact with both the vendor and M & T bank.This XXXX XXXX scam has been ongoing for years. M & T bank hides behind the underpaid telephone representative while in the era of identity theft and bank scams and the only recourse I have is to submit another letter or more proof to a fax number that I do not know where it may go or who may see it. I am not satisfied with the way M & T bank safeguards my money. The transaction date : XXXX/XXXX/15 description TIMEXXXX IS FRAUDULENT. Transaction amount is {$59.00}. I insist that they return my funds. In addition, M & T bank needs better communication between consumers and their so called investigators, or the ability to speak directly with those so called investigators.

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