Making/receiving payments, sending money

I had signed up for a gym membership which I had automatic debit payments coming from a debit card linked to a XXXX bank account. XXXX was acquired by Huntington bank and my XXXX card was closed. This resulted in my card being declined for a XXXX bill. I received a debt collection notice from the gym billing company : XXXX. I eventually received a new XXXX debit card from Huntington however I never provided the new Huntington card information to the billing company or authorized them to make payments using that card. However they obtained my information without my knowledge and proceeded to update my account on XXXX XXXX, 2017 and charge {$37.00} to my new debit card on XXXX XXXX, 2017. All without my consent or knowledge. I called them to inquire how they obtained my information they told me they use a program call ” Account Updater ” and that my ” bank ” sent them the updated information after my first merit card was declined. I proceeded to call my bank, and the billing company on XXXX XXXX 2017 and XXXX XXXX 2017. I contacted Huntington bank on multiple occasions to inquire if they sent my information to any third parties or participated in any programs that would update my card information automatically, including any program called ” account updater ”. Googling the term I found this program called ” XXXX Automatic Billing Updater ” XXXX Huntington informed me they never give out debit card information under any circumstances. I asked them if they used either general ” account updater ” or the specific XXXX program. No one at the bank knew about either program but informed me they do not participate in any programs that would give out my information. Huntington filled a complaint to their internal department to look into it and stated they would provide an answer in 7-10 business days. They however also directed me to XXXX. I called XXXX they told me that the XXXX ( billing company ) and card ” Issuer ” ( Huntington ) choose to participate in the program. XXXX claimed that it is impossible for them to send my information to any one because they do not have access to my account information. That they are just a ” card network. ” My concern is one of these companies sent my card information to a third party without notice or my consent and that card was then charged without my knowledge or consent. I asked XXXX if I could opt out they informed I had to contact the merchant or my bank. My bank had no idea what I was talking about. I contacted the merchant and they informed me I could not opt our as it was a XXXX program. I am at a loss as to how no one from any of these financial institutions knows anything about programs that bear their companies name. I ‘m concerned that a bank that contracts with XXXX does n’t know what XXXX does with my information. I ‘m concerned for the security of my card information that either Huntington or XXXX can send my account information to third parties without notice. I am concerned that third party companies can charge my card and update my information with out my consent. And I am upset that I can not opt of such a program. I believe people should be aware of programs such as these as they could continue to be charged for re-occurring payments. I think people should have to opt-in to any extra programs or services.

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