Making/receiving payments, sending money

I received an email ( which I thought came from my business associate, ” whom I ‘ve been communicating with for several months pertaining to a business deal ).
The email instructed me to make the payment for the business deal in an XXXX XXXX XXXX Arizona account # … … … … … … ..
I purchase from my bank through my business account ( XXXX ) cashiers checks totaling {$30000.00}.
XXXX XXXX ) Purchase from ” my Bank ” on XXXX XXXX for {$20000.00} * Deposited in fraud account on Friday XXXX XXXX ( XXXX ) Purchase from ” my Bank ” on XXXX XXXX for {$2000.00} * Deposited in fraud account on Friday XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX ) Purchase from ” my Bank ” on Monday XXXX XXXX for {$8000.00} *Deposited in fraud account on XXXX XXXX On Thursday night XXXX XXXX ; I receive a text message via XXXX from my business associate ” … … XXXX ” asking if I was still interested in doing the business, I said I was and had made the payment as instructed from the email that I received from him. He told me that he did not send me any email with banking instructions. I then forwarded the email to him via XXXX.
He called me immediately and recommended that I inform my bank and the police dept. because what i received was a fraudulent email and did not come from his email address.
We compared his email address with the email address which I received and saw that there was a difference in a letter added.
First thing Friday morning XXXX XXXX ; I called the Bank customer service to report the fraud and told them that I was in front of their bank waiting for it to open. I was instructed to see a bank manager inside and explain to them what had happened.
Once inside I met with XXXX XXXX … … … … XXXX Relationship Manager ) phone # … … … …
I explained and showed him the copies of the cashiers checks and deposit slips ( which was deposited at that same branch ) he said he had to call the corporate claims department and find out what can be done ; he check the account which the funds was deposited into and told me that the funds was still in the account but he would have to get authorization to put a hold on the funds. After he spoke with XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX different persons on the phone he said to me that he was given authorization to put a hold of the funds in the account and that the bank would be in touch with me. I ask him if I can get the confirmation in writing and he said no, all he can do is give me his business card with a note saying he had this discussion with me ; he gave me his card and dated and sign that he had the discussion with me. He then recommended that I go to my Bank, where I had purchase the cashiers checks from and ask them to put a ” STOP ” on them.
I immediately went to my Bank and met with XXXX XXXX … … … … …. ( Relationship Banker -NMLS ID : … …. ). He informed me that there was nothing that my bank can do because the funds has already been negotiated and send to the other Bank. He recommended that I file a police report.
I went immediately to the Police Department and met with Officer … … … … … # … … … … …. she had me provide her with copies of all the emails and cashiers checks and the name and contact information of my business associate, she then filed the report and gave me this report # … … …. for all reference.
On Monday XXXX XXXX Detective … … … …, called me and told me to go to my Bank and ask them to contact the Bank where i deposited the cashiers checks, and ask my bank to give the other bank a ” Hold Harmless Release ”. I went into the bank and was n’t able to get any help so I then called the bank business corporate fraud dept. with my attorney on the line XXXX XXXX … … … we spoke with a supervisor by the name of … … …. who gave us a claim # … … … … but said their Bank could not provide the other bank with a ” Hold Harmless Release ”. Please HELP me to resolve this matter.

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