Making/receiving payments, sending money

My employer uses ADP as a payroll service – ADP made an error on my paycheck. I was sent an ” A LINE ” card to have immediate access to funds. When trying to contact the ” customer service ” within ADP A LIne card – I have been on the phone for over 3 hours trying to determine how I can access my money. I was told direction by one rep – than was completely contradicted by another. I was then told I would have someone call me back in 3 -5 days with an ” escalation ”. There was literally no recourse, no superior, nothing other than I would be called back within 3 – 5 days. Meanwhile, I have 0 access to {$3200.00} that is currently floating somewhere in cyber space. UNACCEPTABLE. Meanwhile I am racking up funds from my bank for my checking account being below a threshold, and automatic payments will be bouncing. I can not believe I have been sandbagged so completely and that these practices are lawful nd acceptable, 3 -5 DAYS – and I may get a phone call back! ADP – the worlds largest payroll company, a Fortune 500 – AAA Credit rating etc … in 2017 this is the best you can do???

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