Making/receiving payments, sending money

I have a small loan with Bank of America. I have just moved, which they know, and in the confusion of the move and getting settled I missed XXXX payments. B of A, without any authorization, removed monies first from an old bank account ( {$130.00} ) that had not been active in 6 months and when that was rejected they, went to my new local bank account and charged that for {$250.00}. I have since closed these accounts and will going, forward only pay B of A in cash. I called your office and was advised that B of A ‘s actions were not legal. Hence I am filing this claim asking that B of A be stopped from doing actions like this in the future. To add insult to injury B of A they have charged me a {$27.00} ” check returned fee ”. They return of these fees is the only compensation I am looking for.
Thank You

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