Making/receiving payments, sending money

In XXXX of XXXX, I had an insurance claim for water damage on my house. The repairs were inspected at 50 percent completion on XXXX XXXX XXXX as required by the mortgage company Selene Finance. After being contacted by Selene that funds would be released, those funds have NOT been released as of XXXX XXXX, XXXX and Selene will not provide a date for the release of the funds. I have provided Selene with receipts totaling over XXXX dollars out of my own pocket for materials. This has halted progress on the restoration of my house and is causing a loss of use as I do not have a functioning master bath or bedroom still. I have contacted Selene on at least 5 ( talking to a ” supervisor ” ) occasions asking for an update and the only response is that Corporate is reviewing the request. If Selene does not want to issue timely disbursements then they should be paying interest to me for holding the funds.

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