Making/receiving payments, sending money

FRAUD CLAIM TO SFPD, FBI, BoFA, XXXX ‘s Office XX/XX/2017 I, XXXX XXXX XXXX ( ” XXXX ” or ” I ” or ” me ” or ” my ” ) and XXXX XXXX, XXXX ‘s spouse ( ” XXXX ” ) were the victims of rental fraud. When attempting to validate a {$3000.00} online transfer from my Bank of America account to ” XXXX ”, the fraudulent party ‘s Bank of America account on Tuesday, XX/XX/2017, there was no ledger or record for the transaction at Bank of America, causing me to resend a transfer to this fraudulent party on the advice of Bank of America and ultimately lose {$6000.00}. When shortly thereafter attempting to notify Bank of America of this fraudulent activity, Bank of America released the {$6000.00} in funds to the fraudulent party and chose to facilitate fraud occurring between two Bank of America customers ( i.e., I and the fraudulent party ), claiming no responsibility for the second transfer as well as negligently mismanaging {$6000.00} of my money.

On Friday, XX/XX/XXXX, XXXX and I reported this illegal conduct by XXXX to the XXXX Police Department, located at XXXX XXXX XXXX, XXXX XXXX, CA XXXX. Shortly thereafter on Monday, XX/XX/XXXX, 2017, I provided over XXXX pages of documentation to Bank of America proving XXXX ‘s fraudulent activity. The following Tuesday, XX/XX/XXXX, Bank of America denied my first claim of fraud and released the money for XXXX to withdraw from his respective Bank of America account. I filed a second claim with Bank of America, and Bank of America again denied the re-opened claim, suggesting that I authorized the two transactions. I only authorized the transactions under the influence of XXXX ‘s fraudulent activity ( which Bank of America was by now well aware of ) as well as the advice of Bank of America to re-execute a second {$3000.00} transfer.

Due to Bank of America ‘s gross negligence, XXXX and I lost {$6000.00} by unknowingly transferring these funds from our Bank of America account, via two separate transfers, to a fraudulent account at Bank of America held by ” XXXX ”. To reiterate, Bank of America advised me to re-execute the second of two {$3000.00} transfers after they were unable to produce any record, receipt or ledger of the initial {$3000.00} online transfer. NOTE : I have records of every misleading email correspondence, including text messages from ” XXXX ”, the fictitious lease application, and the fictitious lease itself that I provided to Bank of AMerica. I also have bank account statements which show both transfers ( one induced by ” XXXX ‘s ” fraudulent misrepresentations, the other made in error under the advice of Bank of America ).

Thank you for your careful consideration of this matter, in which Bank of America ‘s negligence cost innocent customers exactly {$6000.00} dollars. I am willing to provide any information/documentation, including police reports, SFDA ‘s reports, FBI reports, as well as proof that Bank of America was aware of this fraudulent activity, negligent in handling customer money, and willing to support fraudulent activity through their consumer banking institution. XXXX and I appreciate your kind consideration of this matter and assistance in resolving this dispute with Bank of America.


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