Making/receiving payments, sending money

First Citizens bank upgraded the online banking system XX/XX/XXXX. The upgrade had problems from the beginning with capacity issues, login issues, and more. I found out XXXX XXXX that a payment setup through their system did not transfer information from the old system to the new system. I found out from the payee not First Citizens. The bank did not inform me through correspondence that this may happen. I logged into the system to setup the payment account again and had an issue with my pin. The card was disabled as a result of this issue. I reset the pin with a customer service representative at First Citizens and was told to wait 20 minutes for the system to update. I waited nearly two hours and logged on again, but the card was still disabled. I was then told to wait until midnight. I logged on the morning of XXXX and the card was still disabled. I called customer service again, and was told it was a known issue and they are working on it. The ” sorry for the inconvenience ” rings hollow after 4 or 5 times, it becomes more of an excuse and leaves consumers powerless to conduct necessary financial transactions.

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