Making/receiving payments, sending money

Naval Federal Credit union fail to pay bill as though their bill pay service as agreed resorting in my credit going bad they told me they was going to depute the reporting to each reporting company and did not also was to send me a copy of what they did and have not done so this was done to hurt my credit and then refused to help resolve the issue they made and lied about it which is why they did it intentionally They resent me letters to send to the bill of company ‘s they did n’t pay instead they need to send them to company ‘s them self instead of sending them to me They need to fit this mess, the y told me they had sent a letter to the report company ‘s and did not, the left my account as if payments were being made instead my bills became slate and late fees was charged they claim it was due to fraud activity in my account but some the bills was paid and some was not if was do to fraud activity why was some bill was paid and some was not, the money has left my account so where did it go I have asked the question before to date no answer. They lied about what happen and did nothing to fix it and lied about the cause, I want to know where my money went. And they correct my credit I get approve for nothing the refer to the late payments caused by Navy Federal Credit Union.

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