Making/receiving payments, sending money

On Wednesday XX/XX/2016 around XXXX, I deposited a check worth {$2800.00} at citizens bank XXXX XXXX XXXX, XXXX XXXX. I deposited this check because i made an agreed transaction with someone from craigslist to purchase my car. On XX/XX/2016 after i deposited the check, i called the bank and asked when the check will be clear and they told me the check would clear XX/XX/2016, but to make sure my balance was labeled available balance and not current balance because there is a difference. On XX/XX/2016, I seen through my mobile banking and i called citizens, and Citizens confirmed the {$2800.00} check was available. Because of this, I believed the check was ok, and i could withdraw the funds of {$1900.00} and return the funds to the purchaser to pick up the car. When i went into the branch in XXXX, XXXX on XXXX XXXX XX/XX/2016 because I was concerned about the check, one of the Citizens bank consultants, after looking at my account, told me it was overdrawn by – {$1700.00}. This is an issue for me because i contacted the bank and they said i would have no problem. the second issue is that previously depositing checks through Citizens bank they have held the checks for at least two days to make sure that the funds are in the account to withdraw. I know this because Citizens explained this to me because I make online purchases. For an example, when purchasing an item online the bank will make sure the funds are in the account before withdrawing the funds to the company where you purchased the item, This was specifically explained to me, so i do n’t understand why the same process and protocol did n’t take place with the check worth {$2800.00}. Because of this fraudulent check from XXXX in XXXX, I have made a police report with the XXXX, XXXX police department report # XXXX, and the police officer I am working with is also working with XXXX in XXXX, XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX for camera footage where the {$1900.00} was sent, and has contacted signature bank of the fraudulent check. With my account going $ XXXX, I have tried calling the bank so they can work with me in this situation. In the technical support department at Citizens has also relayed to me because I do n’t have a fraudulent history with them they have the option of reimbursing me, but calling them back to back no one really knowing what my options are, all the representatives just kept saying I will be responsible and would have to pay all of the money back. So therefore they never sent me to anyone with a manager or higher title to tell me about my specific situation. This is very hard for me because i am the victim and i am also only a student. Doing my do diligence, I have came across that once the bank begins their fraud investigation and see that the situation was fraud they would reimburse me my money that I had in the bank before this situation happened, Which was {$620.00}. I believe the bank is not trying to charge the actual person responsible and wants to put this responsibility and obligation on me. Citizens bank has also told me i have less than 60 days to pay it, which is {$900.00} for the next two months, and this is what they consider working with me. This is the only protocol they have for anyone in this situation. It does n’t matter age, income or police report. Citizens also told me they were going to give me a bad banking history for five years.

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