Making/receiving payments, sending money

Please help me to better understand my dilemma with TDBank. I was having difficulty with my banks services. Apparently TDBank was having difficulties with software during the last holiday period of XXXX XXXX XXXX. I was transferring funds and attempting to make a billpay to XXXX XXXX. Of XXXX dollars. I keyed in my amount and then saw it popped up as the higher amount of XXXX which surprised me as this was an amount I had transferred to cover bills at the time, and I then cancelled. But the system closed on me. I then called and called and called the bank whick was crazy busy. And was yold systems were down to call later. I elained to the TDBank phone rep my dilemma and she helped me go to my bank page to see what was going on. There was a zero pending and a zero amount and zero going out. And we agreed to wait for my XXXX. Payment till the system cleared up.
And I did,, then I noticed the amount of XXXX was attempting to debit from my bank account. I called and was given the bill pay dept., they were upset I was trying to cancel. I told them this was not my financial paymentof choice of XXXX and I did not owe this amount and it was then to be am overpayment did not wish to make. They argued and said I was going to pay it and that was that! I had no way out and they did not see a cancellation by me? I told them maybe because the software system was having troubles. They said ths never happened and I was still paying this amount no matter what! This s is a new account so I tried to get it cleared up, but kept running into the same rederick and speech. I told them the bank saw the error at fitst call. And even gave me back the overdraft they had charged me with. I said I am not paying this and XXXX.this amount and XXXX XXXX agreed to this too and was sending back the checkmto them. Would only ask for payment once as I checked this with XXXX. And explained my dilemma to them throughly. I also talked with finesev. The company who TDbank uses and they said they tried twice and never got any refrence of non payment and the money finesev paid out was returned to them also. So I owed nothing to XXXX.And the bill pay company finesev And both sad I was in good standing with them. So again I called TDBank bill, pay. And was spoken to without truly ever understanding or clearifying why my acoount that yet has a negative XXXX on it?
I spoke of non disclosure, and the man XXXX spoke but did not clarfy the total amount. I was on the phone for 2 hours or so. And he said my other charges caused my overdrafts as the XXXX was still pending even f I did not want it paid, it was in the system. So the system dictates not the customer n this case! I have been speaking to TDBank since the XXXX of XXXX 2016. And have yet to see how this XXXX ” adds up?
Each transaction over draft would equal to XXXX dollars each and how many have they claimed, XXXX did not add them up according to my statement that he went over with me by my request. How can I owe overdrafts and monies in the exact ampunt of the bill pay they are extracting plus the very same overdaft fee of XXXX each? This makes no sense to me? If I had the overdrafs they clamed it would total XXXX XXXX = XXXX and out XXXX this leaves XXXX dollars yet unaccounted for as owed, how!
Make it plain to me I asked.
Please come to my aid. I have looked up TDBank ‘s recored and it is not a pretty one on overdrafts. I have hadvthem overturn them tor me before due to finding the overdrafs not only excessive but brutal and not always warrented.
This their aruguement with me now, hum they play false I find out and I am penalized?
My name is XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX New York, XXXX XXXX XXXX My banking acoount is XXXX I am sending my statement here for you to see. Thank y

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