Making/receiving payments, sending money

Please refer to my previous compaint Case number : XXXX ] where I wanted to transfer money to my parents for their medical needs in XXXX and saw an ad. about XXXX Pay so, I downloaded the XXXX Pay ( XXXX XXXX ) in my iPhone. Then made a call to XXXX XXXX to understand the process. I was told to add XXXX Pay as payee in my bank checking account and paid the money I wanted to transfer into the XXXX Pay. So, I paid {$620.00} from my Capital one 360 checking account to XXXX Pay and XXXX Pay received {$620.00} from checking account on XX/XX/2016. After making several calls and emails ; I was notified by XXXX XXXX Pay dispute escalation team that they can not find my {$620.00}. I have provided them with cancelled check for {$620.00}, XX/XX/XXXX and XX/XX/XXXX bank statements to prove that they have my {$620.00} but Western Union/WU Pay is unable to locate my money.
When I brought up this matter with capital one 360 ; their inquiry concluded that they were instructed and provided the XXXX Pay address by me which is totally untrue. As a matter of fact I with the help with their cafe personal banker downloaded XXXX Pay icon from capital one 360 bank ‘s website to add as a payee in order to transfer {$620.00} electronically to XXXX Pay and they sent out a paper check instead. Everything was done using their website so, I did not have to provide them with XXXX Pay address. Bank claims that the address was entered manually which I had no knowledge of it and as a consumer I had to trust the banks ‘s rep. and website. I feel like scammed and neither XXXX Pay nor capital one wants to to take the responsibility and trying to escape from their responsibility.
Please help!

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