Making/receiving payments, sending money

Good day, I pay XXXX for several products through XXXX pay and it is through my credit card and the bank ‘s auto-payment system.
So, the transaction in question is for XXXX XXXX payment made by the First National Bank XXXX XXXX XXXX ; it was made by the banks records on the XXXX amount XXXX this was for the XXXX. So, then XXXX and I found out i was charge two time for the same software and they reimbursed me that was posted into my account on XXXX XXXX, 2016 Now then when XXXX went to bill me for the XXXX music bill that was due they were turned down. this is what is at issue. I had the funds in the bank and yet First National Bank still does not understand what it is that happened. I do have a paper trail and screen shots and emails to this effect. i would like some one form the banking comis to look at the banking practices of this bank as there is something really wrong here if the bank ca n’t understand something as easy as this trans- action and did not pay a direct payment yet, took the funds from my account as it is posted on my on-line banking statement.

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