Making/receiving payments, sending money

I have XXXX issues with Bank of America. I have my main checking account with them, and I use that checking account to pay all my credit card payments, and I have over a dozen active cards with NEVER EVER ANY MISSED OR LATE PAYMENTS. I log on once a week to all my accounts to verify the balances, and after I make my monthly payments, I WRITE DOWN THE AMOUNT AND DATE. Unfortunately, BofA has an app that does n’t give any details about accounts such as statements, no means to email the bank either, and the website is n’t any better as from the dozens of institutions I deal with online, BofA is the ONLY ONE NOT TO GIVE YOU A ” FULL SITE OPTION ”.

I also have a credit card account at BofA, so instead of payments, I do a transfer from my checking account to my credit card account, and the transfer gets credited as a payment ( I have been doing it for 10 years with XXXX problem during the transfer about 8 years ago when I still lived in Nevada ).

On XXXX XXXX, 2015, I logged on to my BofA app, and I made a transfer of {$30.00} from my checking to my credit card account. The app crashed shortly after that while I was scrolling through my checking account transactions, and when I tried logging back on, it asked me to update the app, stating I had an old version ( I was using a different wifi phone ). You may be in an emergency with a slow connection, and they will NOT LET YOU ONLINE UNLESS YOU DOWNLOAD THE NEW VERSION, which would have taken me quite a while on a XXXX connection, so I did n’t as I did n’t have half an hour to waste and that was it. I doubt they suddenly had an app update right while I was using the app but who knows. Unlike my other cards, I check BofA maybe 3 times a month as I would rather not use that app, and it ‘s usually early in the month ( I get about a {$3000.00} inbound transfer at the beginning of every month from the rental for my houses, and that I verify the first week of the month ), and then to make my transfer and then maybe one more time.

I logged on yesterday to make my payment, and it showed me as having MISSED A PAYMENT for XXXX. There is no indication that I made the transfer even though I HAVE IT WRITTEN DOWN AS PAID AFTER MAKING THE TRANSFER ( I am neither stupid nor senile not to know when I make a payment ). In the meanwhile, I did NOT get a single notice or call about having missed a payment either, so it was a bit of a surprise. However, BofA keeps logs of when their customers log on, and what pages they go to when they are online, so it should n’t be a problem to check the logs for XXXX XXXX to see that I was on the transfer page. Whether the site had problems, or whether it was the app, that is not my problem, I made my regular payment as I have been for the past 10 years or so, so I would like that transfer to be honored. If not, I am going to be closing my account as I am about done, and it would be a good opportunity to never use that app again.

The other issue is that I have a yearly fee for my credit card in the amount of {$29.00} which is charged in XXXX to my account. I went through 6 months of statements to see if there were other payment issues with the app, and I noticed that I was being charged 29.59 % interest on the MANDATORY BANK FEE which showed AS A PURCHASE. It may not be much to pay 29.59 % interest on {$29.00} dollars but the fact of the matter is that the {$29.00} balance is a bank forced fee, and it is NOT a purchase. So why should I even pay any interest on {$29.00}? Plus, are n’t banks supposed to credit your payments towards higher interest balances first? If it is so, the fee was charged in XXXX, and my next payment of {$30.00} should have paid the whole thing off, not to mention I had XXXX more payments after that ( XXXX if the ” missing one ” does n’t count ). Either way, if they do that to a few XXXX customers, they are suddenly earning XXXX of XXXX of UNJUST INTEREST, and I have an issue with that.

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