Making/receiving payments, sending money

My complaint is against Amazon and their contract with the predatory lender, Synchrony Bank. We have an Amazon Store Card through this lender, and I will spare you all of headaches, and get to the one that broke the camel ‘s back : The technique of lowering and lowering the credit limit, without cause, so that there will be no cushion and, hence, it is possible for them to use their bag of dirty tricks to hit you with multiple fees that generally amount to $ XXXX {$95.00} for a {$20.00} bill. Specifics : We opened an account with a credit limit of {$1200.00}, and being big book buyers, ran it up close to maxed. They would allow us to go over a few cents, then we would be charged steep fees for ” over limit, ” they would also claim that they did not receive the payment on time even when we mailed the same day it was received, and so we took care of both of these by making the payment over the phone with electronic debit long before the due date and paying the bill down to {$600.00} so that were be a cushion and they could not say this-or-that-and-so you now have to {$110.00} instead of {$20.00}. So we paid it down to {$500.00}, they simply lowered it to {$500.00}, then to {$400.00}, {$300.00}, {$200.00}. So then I attempted to purchase on Amazon for {$110.00} ; when it did not go through, we were told that are credit limit was now {$110.00}. When? As of the moment I put in an order for {$110.00}. I made another payment, of {$50.00}, so I could get that {$1.00} and put the order through ; it was again rejected and we were again charged a total of {$55.00} for ” over limit ” and attempt without funds. When a bank is this dishonest, you know they are doing many other underhanded things to steal from customers. What ‘s more, a company as wealthy as Amazon should not be contracting with a predatory bank. I have looked elsewhere do to business, but Amazon has it locked. That is something else business should look into — when there are no viable alternatives, one person is at the mercy of the one Corporation.
This kind of behavior should and would be bad for business, but when there is no where else to go, they misery of the customer is of no consequence.

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